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Vulnerable badass with a provocative wit

Actor | Comedian | Voiceover

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A thing or two about me...

I have this habit of jumping before I see what’s in front of me, so you can imagine it’s taken me to some pretty rockin’ places...


A bold hippie chick from Austin lands in LA with 2 cats, some crappy furniture and zero touring experience. So when I get a job offer to go on the road as a guitar technician; of course I store my stuff, board my cats and pretty much wing the rest. For almost a decade I got to travel the world and work with some true music legends. On my travels, I collected almost all of the 50 states (damn you Alaska - I’m comin for ya), Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.


After closing the touring chapter, I tore open a new one as a performer. I jumped head first into the sketch comedy scene with an out loud, all female, raunchy group of hilarious broads called Blow Girl - and it felt just like home. We took our show to the Aspen Comedy Festival that year and just like that, I was picked up by another all female sketch group called Tomboys in Fishnets which took me all the way to the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland.


I starred in my first independent film as a bass guitar player (of course!) and have continued to experience so many exciting moments; from my film festival debut in the Slamdance short Sky Drops directed by Burke Roberts to the lead in the Robert Rugan film Infected.  


I am honored to have joined the cast of USA Network's breakout success Colony starring Josh Holloway and Peter Jacobson, and just wrapped 2 independent pilot projects. I continue to explore expression through my voice as an audiobook narrator and have been busy in the studio dubbing numerous shows for Netflix.


I love those incredibly personal, messy, electric moments when people get together in open creation and risk something! I’ve spent most of my life in pursuit of these moments and I continue to jump my way through this life, collecting new experiences...and pretty much winging the rest :)


Just one more little morsel on the horizon… you better believe heads will roll when my one woman show hits the theatre in 2024. See you there!



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